by Gaby Kasan

We had our end of year event for 2020 at and it got me reflecting on this unusual year we had; what it meant for each and every employee, and for the company as a whole.

We started the year with strong momentum. We reached product-market fit, our raving fans showed their support on G2, and we generated impactful case studies and helped realize strong ROI for our customers. Our pipeline looked promising, and we were considering several financing options with leading investors…what could go wrong?

By April 2020, in the midst of the Covid crisis, our financing rounds…

Lead follow-up is hard. In a perfect world, you would have a personal conversation with each lead, to understand where the lead stands in their buying journey, make sure that they have enough information to move down the funnel, and follow up at regular intervals until they are ready to make a purchase.

In the real world, it is a completely different story.

There are three main reasons why you might feel that your lead engagement process is broken:

Many leads are falling between the cracks

Lead engagement often begins with a cadence of automated emails, yet quickly (hopefully!) becomes a two-way, manual conversation. Leads frequently hesitate…

There are things that you do every single day that you wish could be done by someone else. Administrative tasks that eat away at your time, organizational tasks that drain your energy and menial tasks that waste your life force. But imagine a time when machine learning capability is advanced enough that you don’t have to spend your time on these things. Where because of the innovations of artificial intelligence and self-learning machinery, you can spend time on creative meaningful work that doesn’t drain your energy, but instead, energizes you.

In the intellectual age, using your time efficiently cannot be…

The road from marketing-qualified lead to sales-qualified lead can be a long one, and it’s a road that seems to have more exits than on-ramps. But this process can — and must — be sped up to increase your lead conversion rate.

Instead of hiring beyond your plans and budget, consider how automation and AI don’t get tired, they can’t have too much on their plate, and they never get frustrated in the face of failure. The lead often doesn’t even realize they aren’t communicating with a flesh-and-blood salesperson when they’re speaking to conversational AI.

Lead conversion stalls due to…

We just had our end of year event 2019 and it got me reflecting on the amazing year we had, what it meant for each and every employee and for the company.

The hard work and dedication paid off and we exceeded our expectations. I am thankful for our customers, the Exceeders and our investors for being part of our journey.

We started the year with our first version of the product. Our product has since matured and expanded due to the amazing customer feedback and dedicated engineering team. …

The three critical traits every Sales Development Rep (SDR) will need in the new Artificial Intelligence era.

In the 1950s, a salesperson needed one primary characteristic: charisma. Their success depended on their ability to connect with potential customers, listen to their needs, and form a relationship based on trust. Then came the 1980s and 1990s, and everything changed. Suddenly, salespeople needed to crunch numbers and illustrate administrative skills to succeed. They became documenters and technologists rather than relationship-builders.

Now, we’re entering the AI era, and everyone is quaking in their boots that their job might be overtaken by an AI…

When AI sales reps join human sales reps, everybody wins.

If you’re ever at a boring cocktail party, use this one question to liven it up:

“How long will it be until artificial intelligence takes everyone’s jobs?”

Every person within earshot will suddenly be pouring out their visceral reactions. “In thirty years we’ll all be replaced!” or “Never! There are some jobs robots will never be able to do!”

There. You’ve done your job. Smile and sip your cocktail.

The Move Toward Automation

When you work in sales development, this cocktail party question is asked laced with legitimate fear. …

How a strong marketing candidate bailed at the last minute to a counter offer


At my startup, we’ve developed an AI-powered SDR automation platform and have reached Product Market Fit. It is now time to hire our first marketer.

Through my network, I was referred to a candidate we really liked (for anonymity purposes I will refer to the candidate as “the candidate”). After interviewing with myself and the team, we concluded he was undoubtedly a strong fit: diverse background, motivated, a storyteller, creative, hard-working….he had many strong traits. Most importantly, the team liked him and it seemed to be a good cultural match.

I talked to four passive references who had previously…

With executives receiving over 140 emails per day the likelihood of your email getting in front of them is slim to none, regardless of email automation.

The key to a good customer-centric email is to provide value and resist the urge to sell.

Your goal as a sales professional is to get a conversation going so you can show your prospect how your product or service can solve their problem and provide value. For this to happen, your email should not be too long, otherwise it will not be read.

A common mistake in many prospecting emails is aiming to…

How to talk to a customer when selling or gathering product feedback

Whether you are selling or simply getting product feedback, how you conduct a customer meeting is critical for a successful outcome.

A common mistake is jumping right into selling the product and showing a demo in the hope that the customer will see how the product will solve their problem. This is very common because our initial inclination is to be sensitive to the “customer’s time “. After all, he was gracious enough to give us some of his time, so why not get right to the point?

Never “sell” before you understand the customer situation, pain points and requirements…

Ilan Kasan

CEO and Co-Founder at, Conversation Automation for Marketing and Sales

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